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Forest Lake School 2014


25 June 2014

To all parents/care givers

Currently there is a measles outbreak in the Waikato with cases at a number of Hamilton schools. Measles is a serious, highly infectious viral disease and is easy to prevent through immunisation.

If there is a case of measles at your school, all students who cannot provide documented evidence that they have either received two doses of MMR vaccine or have had measles are being asked to stay at home in quarantine for up to two weeks to protect themselves and others and to prevent the spread of measles.

We are recommending parents/care givers take the opportunity now to check their children’s vaccination status. This should be recorded in their Well Child/Plunket book and in their medical records at their GP.

  • If your child has documented evidence of receiving two doses of MMR they are considered immune.Ensure you have a copy of documentation of those doses that you can provide to the school if needed.
  • If your child has documented evidence of receiving one dose of MMR they can have another (provided there has been at least 4 weeks since the first dose was given).Vaccination is free. Following the second dose of MMR they would be considered immune and would be able to attend school if there was a case of measles.Ensure you have a copy of documentation of those doses that you can provide to the school if needed. 
  • If your child has no documented evidence of receiving the MMR vaccine they can have one dose now and receive a second free dose 4 weeks later.Vaccination is free.

Vaccination is free but not compulsory.  It is highly recommended as it is in the health interests of the child, and also helps to prevent the spread of infection to other students, teachers and other members of the community if an outbreak of measles occurs.

If you require further information or clarification, please visit the Waikato DHB website:

Dr Felicity Dumble

Medical Officer of Health

Waikato District Health Board

Today is support staff day! A huge thank you to our support staff who help make our school a great place to be!

Through a consultation process between the school and community we want to assess the ways we are meeting the Health and Physical Education curriculum. We believe that the school community, consisting of parents, caregivers, families, should be the first teachers for their children’s health and well-being. The school as educators should be providing supportive programmes to further develop this existing knowledge, skills, attitudes and values.

 Please take the time to read through our consultation plan shown below before filling out a short 3-5min survey on what you consider important areas needing to be taught at Forest Lake School. Hardcopies are also available from your classroom teacher and the school office.

 For further information you can

  • Download your own copy from our extra curricula opportunities tab (Health and Physical Education)
  • See your classroom teacher
  • Contact the school office 
Thank you for your time, we appreciate your input
Click the above Blue writing to take our survey
On Friday the 16th May Students and staff got into the spirit of pink as they celebrated forming positive relationships while saying no to bullying! Students completed activities in their room that taught them about friendship and sent a strong anti-bully message. Classes were also given the task of pink pimping out their rooms. A massive congratulations to Matai 4, Rimu 2, Kauri 1 and Kauri 4. They put in the effort and were the room winners of the day! As a reward for their efforts each class got a selection of boardgames to keep them entertained during wet lunch times and to continue to encourage the value of working together. For more photos of the event, check out your child's class page.

 Want some tips on how you can get your child to read more at home?
Read the below picture to find out some simple easy ways to do just that!



Last week your child should have brought home the parent survey featured below. We would appreciate your feedback so please complete and return to the school office.

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